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Nokia Care USA Now Giving Tech Support On Twitter!

For those who are not on Twitter yet, this is another good reason to sign up for it. Nokia USA is now giving technical support on Twitter. This a really smart move from Nokia because it will make it really easy for someone in the US to get help with his/her Nokia device: you won’t have to wait on the line and wait for minutes, just Tweet your concern and they will reply! ┬áThe Nokia Care Team on Twitter will answer all your questions about devices bought in the US; so that means that if you bought your device somewhere that is not in the US, they won’t be able to help you.

So go ahead and fire your questions at Nokia Care!  Nokia Care US on Twitter: @nokiacareus. I am very glad they are offering this service since it will make the experience of buying a Nokia device much better, nice move Nokia!

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    Nokia a Giant in the world of telecommunication, really deserve salute for this help through twitter and i would really save time of American because time is precious and telecommunication devices are also very important in our daily life, so thank to Nokia. Regards