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Nokia C5: First Cseries Nokia Phone Leaks

Nothing exciting, nothing remarkable, the Nokia C5 will be another mid-low end smartphone from Nokia. The Mobile World Congress, where new Nokia phones will surely be announced, is just around the corner and leaks are already all over the internet. It was rumored some weeks ago that Nokia would be adding another ”series” to their line, the Cseries. What we didn’t know, was what market would this new ”Cseries” cover. I wanted this new Cseries to cover the high-end segment with revolutionary, powerful, Maemo devices. Something like a Nokia C4 that enters to explode the market and the competition. Although I am pretty confident that something exciting will come this February 15-18, this post has nothing to do with it, but for that spark we gave your imagination.

The Nokia C5 will have: 2.2” QVGA Screen, 3.2MP, HSPA, GPS, FM Radio, 3.5mm Audio Jack and S60. The C5 looks like an excellent entry level smartphone, perfect for someone who wants an affordable phone that has some power to get things done. The Nokia C5 is still a rumor, and is said that a second Cseries Nokia C3 will be announced together with the C5 at Barcelona. The C5 itself isn’t that pretty, Nokia could have done better designing this ugly candybar.

via: Phone Arena and DailyMobile

  • Mohsin

    I really appreciate the new series by Nokia. I will wait for this mobile phone to use it personally. This is looking an affordable mobile phone.`