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Nokia Booklet 3G Price Unveiled | Runs Windows 7

Quick news everyone, the first netbook from Nokia just got more interesting. Today at Nokia World, more specifications were ┬árevealed for the first mini-laptop from Nokia, and we have to say these are interesting specifications. First its price, the Nokia Booklet 3G will sell ”unlocked” for 575 Euros; and we say unlocked because according to Nokia, the Booklet 3G will be offered by several carriers over the world, and therefore reducing its price when in contract.

Another great detail about the Nokia Netbook is its Operative System, the Booklet 3G will run Windows 7. Those are great news because puts the Booklet 3G in the top, the best software blended with the best hardware. However, much of the Booklet 3G specificcations are still unknown, such as the most important one, its release date.