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Nokia BH-505 Review: One Of The Best Bluetooth Headsets Out There

I have had generally bad experiences with Bluetooth Headsets. My first pair, bought 3 years ago, had the same form factor as the BH-505, but they had two huge circles as headphone that made them heavy and therefore tiring. It was also impossible to wear those without looking really goofy. Then came the huge (but over the ear) BH-604 Bluetooth headphones. This were really, really big but were comfortable. I anyway didn’t use them because I needed a lot of space to bring them with me, they were just inconvenient to use. I anyway decided to give another chance  to what in my opinion was a technology that promised a lot, but was not properly implemented and got my Nokia BH-505 at Mobile-Fun, they are great at delivering quickly.

I wonder why Nokia didn’t make a lot of noise with the BH-505, I discovered them in a picture while browsing the web and actually thought they were some kind of prototype that was not available by then. And although the BH-505 looks and feels totally from the future, they are actually available, and at a good price. The BH-505 have this new design in which the earbud goes inside the ear, rather than than just over it. They bring 6 different types of gels so the user can customize the BH-505 to different types of ears. This results in a really good experience, the BH-505 offers almost a noise cancellation effect without actually having noise cancellation. This form factor also ensures that you can do sports and move a lot with the BH-505 without them falling: you can play every sport with these, but they are specially useful in the gym. You don’t have to deal with cables, and, the BH-505 stay regardless of what you are doing, in place. The BH-505 are splash and sweat resistant, and the material and simple design makes them really easy to clean. They are really well designed, they practically don’t weight anything, are flexible and battery lasts 10 hours of continuous music playing, and even more on stand-by mode. The only negative aspect of the BH-505 is portability, I can throw my earbuds anywhere without worrying something will break. The BH-505 are probably as light as a normal pair of earbuds, but their form factor makes them inconvenient to carry.

Another really strong point of the Nokia BH-505 are the built-in controls. From the BH-505 you can answer calls, use voice control to make different things,  go forward/backward in music player, volume up/down, play, and even pause YouTube when connected to a computer! The volume control is fun to use because is a little slider key instead of boring pressing buttons. The controls make the BH-505 a joy to use. The BH-505 also supports Near Field Communication (NFC) this means that if your device is NFC enabled you just touch your phone with the BH-505 and they pair automatically. Connecting the BH-505 is really easy, just pair them with any Bluetooth supported device for the first time, and after that the connection is immediate once both devices are turned on.

The quality of the music that the BH-505 delivers is just standard, very normal. They have dynamic bass response, and bass can be heard really well, sometimes too much. But sound quality is not a strong reason to buy this headphones, for that Nokia has the Nokia BH-905 which have over 16 microphones to offer the best noise cancellation technology. The BH-505 offer a good sound quality, better than the average pair of earbuds/headphones but nothing more. What I really like is the noise cancellation-like technology, it is hard to listen to most outside noises while using the Nokia BH-505.

Pros: really good looking, and also looks cool while being used. Long battery life, really light and fit very well making them almost noise cancellation headphones. Perfect to make sports and go to the gym

Cons: They will never be as portable as a pair of earbuds

  • rent

    Hi, thx for the review, does this earphone work with the fm rado too?

    can you skip the saved station with its control buttons?



  • Khattab

    I’ve been using this for more than 3 months now. It can be used just for listening to music; it is not for making calls at all: on phone, or over internet! And now I’m disappointed because my piece now works with only the left ear, the right speaker doesn’t work, and I’m going to call the retail company today for that..

  • nokia-fan

    It doesn't pair with Nokia booklet 3g, help :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/aniruddha.vinayak Aniruddha Vinayak

    Does this device Compatible wit NOKIA 5800??

  • Shift48

    Yes, it is not good for running at all but walking is not  a problem. 

    Does anyone know how to use id with Windows 7. It does not want see it at all.
    I use it with Nokia C1. I can start and receive a call, but I cannot step or stop the music. The sound volume is working.

  • Kripalm

    can nokia bluetooth headset be connected to samsung galaxy pro ?? will der be any prob ??

    • http://www.facebook.com/farouqe.khan Akram Khan


  • patelmayur

    can nokia bluetooth headset be connected to nokia x2-01 ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/shridhar.kumbar.18 Shridhar Kumbar

    HI i bought Bh505 and i am using this wit my nokia 5233.. The problem i getting is noise while talking or receiving the call it is too noisy…. is there any solution to cancel the noise???? can any one help me out in this???????