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Will We See a N98 at MWC? Possible N93 Successor with 8 Megapixels?

For the mobile world the most entertained and fun week of the whole year is slowly but fortunately inevitably coming.  This week is usually the 3rd week of February in which the Mobile World Congress takes place in the Spanish city of Barcelona. There is when all the manufacturers take their coolest gadgets and shows them to the public.

Last years MWC was not fun at all, Nokia unveiled the N96 and N78 and then just showed what everybody already knew for the rest of the congress. But this year is totally different, Nokia is changing the whole line and I think we will see a LOT of cool Nokias with even cooler features.

When I was yesterday realising that the MWC is less than 20 days away,  I remembered an old sketch of a imaging-focused 6-8 Megapixel with Optical Focus Nokia phone. That sketch has at least two years old but nothing even similar was released in this period of time.  But I think that the time for a such device is coming and might be MWC.  First of all, major manufacturers all have a ”super-cameraphone”. Samsung has the INNOV8 with 8Megapixels, then LG has the Renoir with 8Megapixels and Xenon flash and so on, all manufacturers but Nokia have an 8Megapixel phone.  In my opinion I see a 8 Megapixel with Optical Focus and possibly Xenon flash coming this MWC possibly with a similar form factor as the N93, it could be called N98 or N99.  The timing would be perfect and would impress everyone, and I think there is a very high probability of this happening. Anyway we will have to wait a couple of days more and see what Nokia has been hiding for us!

  • Frank

    Oh, how I wish Nokia would release something like that, the N86 is not a worthy replacement of the N82

  • Ronon

    Frank, maybe Nokia will announce somethiong. It is not over yet. Besides, they are not that dumb…….