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Nokia and Monster’s Partnership Evidence Gets Leaked

Looks like Nokia is about to partner with yet another powerful ally, this time it’s Monster Cable Products; the creators of the very popular Beats by Dr. Dre line of headphones. Nokia’s move is very similar to HTC’s move to use the “Beats” branding and technology on their phones, but seems like Nokia’s partnership is about accessories rather than built-in speakers. The following poster recently leaked thanks to Pocket-Now:

The headset is called the “Nokia Purity HD.” If you want to know more about Nokia’s possible partnership with Monster, stay tuned for Nokia World! We’ll be covering the event live from London. Keep an eye on the sidebar countdown clock…

  • Twentynine

    Monster = cool + Nokia = awesome!  I can’t wait to hear them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Bomuld Tommy Lindegaard Nielsen

    Nice I’ve heard the Beats Studio a couple of times and they are superb. However I’ve hessitated to buy them because I want something wireless preferable NFC but Jabra’s bluetooth headsets aren’t to good!
    So I bought the Nokia BH 505 with NFC for when I’m in the gym or cycling and they are great for sports! the sound is ok, but nok compareable with i.e the beats studio!
    So maybe the Purity will be an alternative to the beats heatset out there.

    I hope so!