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Nokia Ace Will Rock AT&T’s 4G LTE Network Soon

What you are about to read comes from an unverified source as noted by Jay over at MNB; however, I will take the liberty to pass the rumor around since most rumors turn out to be at least partially true, and because… well… fans love rumors and speculation ;)

The reason I re-opened this blog is because Nokia is supposed to take the American market by storm. They are focusing on the U.S by developing phones tailored to the U.S consumer market. They also plan on spending millions together with Microsoft to advertise these upcoming U.S-centric Windows Phones. The first of these Nokia WP that will be subsided by a major U.S carrier seems to be the Nokia Ace. A tipster sent this info to MNB; there are no pictures, but there are plenty of specs to be amazed at. Here they are:

  1. 4.3″ AMOLED CBD Display
  2. 1800mAh
  3. Carl Zeiss Optics
  4. 8MP Auto Focus Camera
  5. Windows Phone Mango
  6. 4G LTE Connectivity
  7. 1.4 gHz processor
  8. 16GB internal storage
  9. AT&T Bound for Q1 2012, announcement at Nokia World 2011
If these specs turn out to be true, Nokia might effectively have an “Ace” under their sleeve. Nokia will probably present a beautiful phone with an amazing–and different–industrial design that will sure get attention (think Nokia N9). Those complaining about a single-core CPU have to realize that not all platforms need as much processing power as Android. My Windows Phone running Mango on a 1gHz processor boots in under 12 seconds, faster than all my Android phones by a wide margin, and runs as smooth if not better than most Android phones. Also, a 1800mAh battery with a 1.4gHz processor will run circles around every other smartphone’s battery life. Knowing Nokia, they will probably throw an excellent camera to go with this device.
I think I might be now speculating too much; but, if Nokia can successfully execute something similar to what I described above, together with a successful marketing campaign, we might see how things will start changing for Nokia in the U.S.
There are three things that you should spend you time doing: Marketing, marketing, marketing.
– Emma Harrison



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    hope its true