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Nokia Accessories: The Best Music Headset Ever for Nokia Phones

Since the very first time I opened a Nseries device, I have been struggling to find the correct and perfect headset. And today I did, but first let me tell you the 3 year walk through since I had my first headset to the latest one which I find perfect.

My first headset was the crappy headset Nokia bundles on Nseries devices, it was in my first Nseries phone, the N93. By then I did not know that the headset was as important as the phone (the difference between a nice pair of headphones and a bad one is abysmal in terms of sound quality). The first day I attempted to use them was frustrating: they came out of my ears and could not hear the music loud and clear, really, I just did not heard anything. I thought that by installing the foams that came with it, it would fix, but is just made it worse.

Now that Nseries devices are more powerful I thought that Nokia might do something about the headset, but the headset bundled on my N85 is as bad as the N93 headset. After that bad experience with Nokia headsets I got a nice pair of Bose ear cups that frequently appeared on Nokia ads, I used them frequently but after some time I just got tired; they were too big and while on the go I had to wear them around my neck. Something not convenient at all. What I did was very logical, I just downgraded to the Bose ear buds.


The Bose ear buds were the solution for some time, I have been using them for now a long time but some weeks ago I just got tired of them and I started too look for a new headset to complement my Nokia N85. This Bose ear buds have two silicone ”things” that go on the speaker, and they come out every time; I had to buy 4 replacements plus the replacements that already came with it. And although the Bose ear buds deliver an amazing quality of sound (when I changed from the Nokia headset to the Bose I discovered all my songs had a pretty cool sound called bass) the noise from the outside just mixed with my music in a very annoying way, and well… now that noise cancellation exists I just could not resist to buy a new pair of earbuds.


After researching, exploring, digging, and reading every review on the web about music headsets I came with the SonyMDR-NC22. I really did not want to make a mistake and buy another useless headset * and really* buying and choosing a headset resulted more difficult than buying and deciding myself for the actual phone.

The Sony Noise Cancellation ear buds just arrived and I am completely in love with them. They are everything I expected and more: First they are really compact and fit everywhere, then they have active noise cancellation that cancel 70% of the outer noise, on top they also have ”passive” noise cancellation meaning that the way they are build acts like an ear plug cancelling naturally the sound and finally they deliver all the quality I got used by using the premium Bose headsets. They are just a miracle, as usual I bought them at Amazon at a good price: Sony Noise Cancellation.


Some months ago I won as a prize, and Nokia gifted me a pair of Nokia BH-604, I just don’t have them in account in this review because they are too big and drain my battery faster.