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Nokia 800 Poster Ad Leaks, Possibly the Nokia Sun

To be honest, it’s very unclear how Nokia is going to name their line of Windows Phone devices. Names like “SeaRay” and “Sun” are just internal┬ácode-names, although they could perfectly be final names for the consumer market. On the other hand, Nokia has a new naming convention that uses numbers in the hundreds to name upcoming phones. My bet is that Nokia will use the number convention for the rest of the world, and assign pseudonyms for U.S-bound devices. Sort of like the Nokia C7-Nokia Astound deal. Anyway, here we are looking at the upcoming Nokia 800, and possibly Nokia Sun, or SeaRay, for the North-American market.

I am very excited for what Nokia has to announce in just a couple of days at Nokia World 2011. This device is just a high-mid-end device since it’s in the 800’s! And it looks really, really nice! I can’t imagine what the Nokia Windows Phone devices in the 900s range will look like.

Go Nokia!