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Nokia 7205 Intrigue on America’s Most Reliable Network


Today a year long partnership from the American carrier Verizon and the Finish mobile manufacturer Nokia, resulted in the Nokia 7205 Intrigue for American customers on ”America’s Most Relieable Network”. The Nokia 7205 Intrigue can be described as ”sophisticated” and ”exciting” device, its unique design will make heads turn and its features will impress the user. The Nokia Intrigue has two displays, the outer display is big enough to see incoming text messages, play songs from V CAST Music and Rhapsody®, or turn off the alarm clock among others. The Intrigue 7205 folds to show an amazing screen, and a gradient color keypad.  The 7205 packs a 2 Megapixel camera with Flash, Bluetooth, 8GB MicroSD for Music, and ”Habitat Mode” which lets the user see the contacts in chronological order.

The Intrigue is  available today for $129.00us after $50us rebate in a two year contract.