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Nokia 703 Windows Phone Leaks

The Nokia 703 running Windows Phone was just leaked, and it looks really cool…

We have been desperately waiting for Nokia’s first Windows Phone device; they have promised that at least one Nokia with Windows Phone would be released this year. The announcement of  Nokia’s first Windows Phone is supposed to take place at Nokia World 2011 (see sidebar for countdown!). I am particularly excited about Nokia’s first Windows Phone because it will reveal what Nokia’s future will look like. Nokia has said in the past that the design cues of the N9 would live on in future products. I would really like to see double-tap to wake up in future Nokia phones as well as the beautiful design that the N9 has. Other features such as Carl-Zeiss cameras, CBD AMOLED screens, and just the overall quality with which Nokia builds their phones are very exciting when blended with the Windows Phone platform. The Nokia 703 will have the following features as revealed by the leaked picture and @Camb078:

  1. 3.7″ LCD 452×800 display
  2. 5Mp Camera
  3. 720p HD video at 30FPS
  4. 8Gb Storage
  5. 512Mb RAM.
  • mahiii

    i think its mid range.. may be rumered hydra would have higher specs and it would be amazng..

    • Anonymous

      you are correct, the fact it’s a 700 confirms it’s mid-range, there’s 800 and 900 above this model

  • http://www.symbianmobile.pl Nokia Windows Phone

    It looks great like the fabolous Nokia N9 with MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan. The new design of Nokia phones is one of the best on the market!

  • Anonymous

    I would much rather have the N9 with Meego Harmattan, hopefully the N9 launches in my country.