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Nokia 5800 Software: Skype, MSN, Google Talk and More – All In One

nokia-5800-fringThe Nokia 5800 is a powerful communication device, you can connect to almost everything and communicate easily with anyone even if in the other side of the world, aside from the telephone, SMS and E-Mail which are obvious and come by default on the Nokia 5800, there are other ways to communicate, some of them are free and even more efficient than the default methods!  The most powerful software for the Nokia 5800 is probably fring, you can connect efficiently and freely also, to a handful of services that will let you communicate very easily, here are some of them:

Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, SIP, Google Talk, Twitter, Yahoo, AIM, Orkut and Facebook, all right from your Nokia 5800 and for free!  The new Fring Software version brings full compatibility with Skype, you can make and receive calls for free from your Nokia 5800, it is not the official Skype for the 5800 but it is actually better than the official Skype version.  For example, Fring pulls out all the Skype contacts you have to your phone’s phonebook so you can call easily your Skype buddies without much hassle, it does the same with MSN Messenger and other services. The twitter integration is also great, as well as the MSN Messenger and Facebook. Since I installed Fring on the Nokia 5800, it became my central communication method, I can chat via google talk, make free calls via WI-FI on Skype and update my Twitter right from one application.

Fring is probably the best app out there for the 5800, you should really give this software for the 5800 a try. You can download it here: fring, if you have any problem just leave a comment! Also compatible with upcoming Nokia N97.

  • aslam

    my mobile is nokia 5800 i downloded fring software but this not supporting pls help me

  • http://google HIJAZTK

    i want to use gtalk in my mobile nokia 5800 pls help me

  • Siddharth

    I use bsnl gprs (India) on the Nokia 5800.For some reason,I’m unable to use fring and google maps.Please help…………….

  • pratik

    same here no fring no gtalk workin on my5800 to

  • sriram

    From ur Mobile, just access the website http://talkgadget.google.com/talkgadget/m and you ll see that it will do wonders ;)

  • Ancomputer

    Thank You So Much.

  • Pinkza_2529


  • Kfahed1