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Nokia 5800 Sales – 13 Million Devices in Six Months


The Nokia 5800 is Nokia’s first touch screen device running Symbian S60, it was very anticipated when it was first announced ¬†and was expected to be a hit since its price:feature ratio is very appealing for almost anyone. The 5800 first launched in November, exclusively for the Russian market but later was available in almost all Europe and recently America in the past month. The 5800 was expected to sell a lot of units, and Rob Taylor, head of Nokia in the Americas, confirms that Nokia sold 13 million 5800s by the start of the present month. The number is just amazing and huge, those are a lot of units in just 6 months, to have a better idea, lets just compare the iPhone sales to the Nokia 5800 sales. The iPhone sold 17 million units between the iPhone and iPhone 3G in 16 months, and the Nokia 5800 sold with just one model in just 6 months 13 million units! The conclusion here is that the Nokia 5800 is a far more successful phone than the iPhone, and Nokia still has its clear and defined #1 place as the leader world manufacturer, Apple is just not a thread as many people used to think.

Via: Symbian Freak