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Nokia 5730 Video Hands On!


The Nokia 5730 was announced just a few weeks ago causing a great impression on all the people and fans, the phone is Nokia’s first non-Eseries QWERTY keyboard device and although is is very similar to the Nokia E75, it is completely different at the same time. The Nokia 5730 is a device that offers advanced music and multimedia features as well as great messaging abilities since it has a full slide out QWERTY keyboard. The 5730 has a 3.2 Megapixel Camera with AutoFocus and Carl Zeiss lens, as well as GPS, Bluetoothtri-3G Band, WI-FI, Flash Enabled Browser and much more. The 5730 is an amazing good looking device with a very modern and ”cool” design that XpressMusic devices usually sport. But the 5730, however, has some problems. First, the device is a tri-3G band, meaning that it has two European 3G bands and only one American 3G band. And although theoretically the 5730 can connect to 3G networks in USA and some countries of South America, the other band is also important and the therefore the 5730 will never have the same 3G signal as other NAM models and won’t even work on areas where the 850mHZ 3G band predominates. Another bad aspect about the 5730 is that its release date will be some  date in the 3Q of this year, meaning it could be as late as September of 09′.  Here is the Nokia 5730 Video-Hands on by Nokia Conversations.

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    Really nokia 5730 xpressmusic is nice phone which is going to be launched soon. The main thing is that phone has full keyboard and is available in various colour combination.