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Nokia 5730 Passes Through the FCC – In Mixed Colors?

The Nokia 5730 was launched by Nokia soon after they first announced the Nokia E75, which in almost every aspect is just the same 5730, or vice-versa. The 5730 has annokia-5730-red-and-blue¬†expected release date for the third quarter of this year, meaning that it is still some months away from hitting the shelves. It will be a tri-band 3G phone meaning two Euro/Asia bands and one American band, so far there are no plans for Nokia to release a 5730 NAM with two American bands and only one Euro/Asia band, still the Euro version should work with ATT’s 3G Network in the U.S.A, at least partially.

Anyway, the Nokia 5730 passed through the FCC, and amazingly in the two available colors at the same time! Red and blue together, a weird combination that makes me think something is wrong either with Nokia or the FCC, enjoy the pics!  FCC Docs

  • http://zomgitscj.com/ Clinton Jeff

    Lol wow two colors ? Sounds crazy hehe. Good to finally see this device edging closer to release though :)

    • edward

      Yeah, I like it better than the E75, sadly we’ll have to wait like 5 more months, and no compatibility with U.S.A

  • ChunLeen

    i love this unit! this the best nokia xpress ever!