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Nokia 5630 Is Green and Environmentally Friendly

Lately Nokia has been worrying about our planet and how they can contribute with it, they have many ecologic friendly products and programs such as we:offset. We:Offset is an application that tracks your trips with the GPS on your Nokia and then kindly asks you if you would like to contribute with the planet by paying the exact amount of money required to process the amount of C02 your trip produced.  If you are curious about how much does it asks for, we have to say they are pretty moderated prices. Besides is for a good cause and we are helping the planet we live in. Nokia in my opinion took a very nice and friendly initiative to help the planet, but you better don’t travel from Buenos Aires Argentina to Moscow Russia because We:Offset will charge you 5.000! You can download We:Offset Here and start contributing the planet.

Here is a video directly from Nokia explaining how they are contributing with the planet by integrating new technology in the new devices such as the 5630 XpressMusic.