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The Nokia 5610 Review – T-Mobile USA

The Nokia 5610 is offered by T-Mobile USA from $79.99us on a regular contract, the phone falls in the mid-end segment of the market and under the XpressMusic branding meaning that its main purpose is to double as an MP3 player and maybe, even replacing an iPod. But is the 5610 able to do offer the complete music experience? We will analyse closely the Nokia 5610 from T-Mobile USA and discover weather the 5610 deserves the XpressMusic branding or not.


The Nokia 5610 is a slider phone, with a regular T9 keyboard while opened and with the modern colors that Nokia usually uses in XpressMusic handsets. The phone is all plastic, no metal at all, but that is expected from a mid-end device. But the good news with the 5610 is that the build quality is better than even some high-end Nokia phones from the Nseries line. The 5610 is rock solid and amazingly there is no wobble at all in the slider mechanism. The plastic used to build the 5610 has a very high quality that we definitively did not see coming from a mid-end device, it is just amazing how Nokia built the 5610 because in what build quality is  concerned, we can’t even find suggestions.

The Nokia 5610 has a 3.2 Megapixel camera, with dual flash, Auto-Focus and dedicated camera button with two modes to focus and shot. On the back part there is also a speaker that delivers an extraordinary sound quality and a gigantic ”Nokia” logo with some patterns so the phone does not slide from the user’s hands, the battery is also there and we rated the battery 8/10, it is good but not perfect. On the front part of the 5610 there are the keys to call, end call and right/left softkeys,  below there is a very comfortable D-Pad that doubles as media keys for the music player. An interesting feature of the 5610 is that is has a sliding bar below the screen that makes everyone that sees it,  ask what is it. The sliding bar slides to the right and left and lets the user get to the music with just one slide to the left, and the radio to the right. A very fun and practical way to reach the music, from there the XpressMusic name.

On the top part of the device we have the USB port with the charger port and a 2.5mm Audio Jack. The 2.5mm jack is definitively the worse part of the 5610, the 2.5mm Audio jack is smaller than any earphone jack that people normally use, so it is impossible to use another headset unless than the adapter is used, which by the way is included in the box.


The Nokia 5610 runs the S40 platform, meaning that is  not a smartphone but is not a dumbphone either. The 5610 does pack functionality and I was amazed when I found some smartphone features in the Nokia 5610, for example there is email and IM on board, they both configure automatically with any account by just inputting the Username and Password. The 5610 also features a WEB browser that renders the mobile web pages pretty well, unfortunately when we attempted to load the Nokia Mobile Blog desktop site, we were redirected again to the mobile site. Another bad aspect from the 5610 browser,  is that the 5610 did not work with the YouTube Mobile site,  it returned an ”Unknown Response” and we were not able to watch videos on the mobile site. 

The Nokia 5610 has ”Organizer” features, with Calculator, Alarm,  Notes, To-Do and Stop watch. The 5610 also supports Java and therefore there are thousands of games and apps to choose from. The 5610 also supports themes, so the user can download themes from the web and then install it to the 5610, wallpapers and ringtones are also supported. The 5610 has Bluetooth with A2DP and USB 2.0.  The software and OS from the 5610 seems very complete, there are plenty of options and configurations to choose from and is a highly customizable phone.  The Music Player is prettu good and radio application is very responsive, the 5610 also has a video player that can reproduce some videos formats, however, the video is not a strong point of the 5610.  The phone came with a 128MB card, we tried to make the 5610 work with an 8GB card but it did not recognize it, however, the 4GB card was recognized.


The Nokia 5610 is a very complete phone with plenty of features, the highlight from the phone are the amazing camera with dual flash, Auto-Focus and 3.2 Megapixel. The 5610 takes very nice pictures, the 5610 could work as a camera because the phone is always with the user, so there is no moment that can’t be captured because the lack of a camera. The 5610 has also the USB cable and port, so transferring songs and media is very easy to do. 

But can the Nokia 5610 replace a MP3 player?  It could partially, the 5610 can load up to 4GB of music and for most people that is more than enough. But what I could not believe about the 5610 is that is had a 2.5mm Audio jack rather than the standard 3.5mm Audio jack! The name of the phone is ”XpressMusic” meaning that all about this phone is music, and a very important feature all music phones have to include is the 3.5mm audio jack so the user can freely plu any headset in the phone without the need of an adapter. But aside from this the 5610 is a great handset, lots of fun with music, pictures, games, videos, email, chat, SMS and of course calling. Bottom line, the 5610 could replace your iPod and do more than it if 4GB of music is are enough for you.

Rating: 9.2/10
Bad: No 3.5mm Jack, no 3.5mm Jack and no 3.5mm Jack.
Good: Highly customizable, plenty of features, very nice camera, excellent build quality and nice price tag