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Nokia 5530 Games Edition Silently Launched | Available!

Nokia has this costume of releasing a phone in a cooler color some months after the official release, they usually keep it silent and just make it available as if it was always there. Well, it happened again, but this time is a bit different.

nokia 5530 games edition

The Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Games Edition silently appeared at the NokiaUSA website as ”available,” the phone is ready to ship and has some differences from the original Nokia 5530 XpressMusic. First, obviously because of its name, the Nokia 5530 Games Edition comes with 20 high-end games ready to play out of the box. It includes some hot titles like: American Idol, Monopoly, Sims and Guitar Tour.¬†Apart¬†from the name and the game, the new 5530 Games Edition comes in Black, a never seen color for this device.

Well, the 5530 games edition is ready to ship. Take a look here: NokiaUSA

  • Ptosio

    If you mean that black-red coloring scheme then it is a standard scheme for 5530, along with the white-blue version.