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Nokia 5230 T-Mobile USA: Nokia Nuron Headed To T-Mobile USA

The Nokia Nuron is heading to T-Mobile USA! Well, is just a rumor, but looks pretty official. The Nokia Nuron is really the Nokia 5230, the typical mid-range touchscreen phone with powerful capabilities at a great price. The 5230 has taken all over Europe, the price:features ratio is just great: touchscreen, 3G, GPS and more, in a really cheap device, now with full voice guided navigation too!

The Nokia Nuron will be added to T-Mobile’s portfolio the 17th of March, it will be a low-cost device with ”access to the Ovi Store.” The release of the Nokia Nuron by T-Mobile is a huge step for Nokia in the US market, Nokia doesn’t have a presence in the US and the Nuron could be a good start. The Nokia 5230 is an excellent device with really cool features at an unbelievable price. Let’s wait and see if the US gets flooded by Nokia ”Nurons.”

Via: Engadget