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Nokia 5230: A look At The Nokia 5230

Nokia recently announced the Nokia 5230, an affordable touchscreen phone with lots of specifications. The idea is just brilliant, a good looking touchscreen phone for a really low price. But unfortunately, the Nokia 5230 lacks a really important feature that all smartphones should have, and that is WI-FI. Even though the 5230 supports 3G data speeds, the WLAN is needed for free web browsing, a much needed feature on a phone that is aimed at the lower segment of the market. Another not-so-cool aspect of the 5230 is that it has the same design of the Nokia 5800, the exterior of the phone is identical but for the colors which can be changed by changing back covers that come with the phone.

nokia 5230nokia 5230 colors

Nokia seems to have a plan to use over an over the design of one phone to produce later cheaper ones. I think is the correct path to choose since gives people a lot to choose from, but Nokia also has to be careful not to launch many phones they get outdated 5 months after.

The 5230 will be available later this year for the good price of 149 Euro, not bad at all. The Nokia 5230 will have two variants, an European/Asian version and then a South and North American version with 850/1900 MHz 3G bands. Stay tuned for more info related to the Nokia 5230

  • Prizmo

    looks like rainbow. Should be nice phone :)