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Nokia 5030 XpressRadio Is Brilliantly Designed for Emerging Markets


Nokia is the leading mobile phone manufacturer in the world, and small  yet brilliant devices,  are the foundation of that status.  Today Nokia did it again launching a very appealing phone for under 40 EUR!  The Nokia 5030 XpressRadio is mainly a radio in a phone, it is the first Nokia phone to have the Radio Antenna inside the device rather than on the headset as all other Nokia mobiles have. That means that the user can turrn the radio anytime and position the device in ”Radio Mode” so it stands on a side by itself.  The 5030 is very well designed, it has a very ”cool” and modern design that make the phone look more expensive than what it actually is.

The 5030, although looking mid-end, is a low-end device with a very nice design and purpose. There is no internet *at all, not even GPRS* , camera or bluetooth.  The specifications above the basic phone function are the Radio itself with a gigantic speaker on the back and a flashlight as in other low-end Nokia devices. 

The 5030 will hit the market in the next quarter for a price of about 40 EUR, a price that makes it ideal for emerging markets.