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No Waterproof Phones from Nokia Anytime Soon

There’s been reports this week of Nokia’s next-gen Lumias to be nano coated with waterproof technology. Those reports are not accurate, according to Conor Pierce, Nokia’s VP for Western Europe. The technology could eventually find its way to the mass market, but not anytime soon.┬áNokia demonstrated the nano technology at the Nokia Research Center booth at Nokia World. The researcher at the booth said that a phone could stay in the water for a few minutes before water started to leak inside and damage internal components. A phone would stay fully functional underwater.

Nokia has been researching nanotechnology for a long time. It’s very surprising that we haven’t seen anything coming from Nokia in the nanotechnology department. There’s other smartphones already in the market that have a waterproof nano coat. Hopefully Nokia starts implementing its extensive research into its upcoming products. It would be about time to do so…