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New Twitter Client For The N97 And 5800: Social Nokia Messaging

Remember the Social Nokia Messaging released by Nokia Beta Labs some months ago? It only had Facebook, but the team promised to bring more communities in the near future. Well, today, they announced the Nokia Social Messaging Beta 2! The Beta 2 brings Twitter to the client, so now we have Facebook and Twitter in just one app, brilliant!

The Social Nokia Messaging brings Twitter to the app, and, it is really cool! I have had the opportunity to try the Beta 2 with Twitter the whole day. I like it so far, but,  the team really has to improve the client before it can compete with other free Twitter clients for Nokia devices that are currently available.

My favorite feature of Twitter on Social Messaging is the Widget on the N97, it works brilliantly. Watch the video, and head to Beta Labs to download the free Twitter client  for your Nokia N97 and 5800.