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Netbook Nokia: The Nokia Booklet 3G | Powerful and Portable

A netbook from Nokia? Never heard of before, no one thought that the leader of the mobile industry would venture into such dangerous and competed market as the netbook market is, full of well known manufacturers releasing almost everyday new and exciting mini-laptops with even cooler designs and features.

But anyway, Nokia did it with the new Nokia Booklet 3G, being the disguised term ”booklet” really ”netbook”. Every aspect from the machine is interesting, its brand; one is not used to see the Nokia branding on anything that big, its features and specifications as well as the design and concept behind the device: ultra mobile internet all day long, blended of course with Nokia Ovi Services and perfect syncing with your Nokia smartphone. Lets start examining this new device by its hardware.

nokia netbook

The netbook from Nokia is very well built, all aluminium chasis with glass screen; ultra-portable design with just 2 cm thick and 1.25k weight. But there are more good things to say about the hardware of this device, the battery lasts ¬†more than some of Nokia’s phones and most netbooks from other manufacturers, an amazing half day (12 hours) of ¬†productivity time! That is record for a netbook since the average life time for netbooks is around 5 hours at the most. But the booklet has more things that impress, its HD 10.1 screen is sure a spec too look at, as well as the HDMI port for HD video out! But my favorite among all, is the SIM slot accessible at any time, also known as ”Hot Swappable”. That means that by just inserting your SIM card in the booklet, you will have the full mobile internet via the 3G bands of the Nokia booklet 3G. Brilliant and amazing.

nokia booklet 3g

The software of the Nokia netbook is much simpler, in fact, it is not yet known what the Nokia netbook will run. Is sure it will be Windows, what is not known is if it will be the new Windows7 even though the screenshots from the official pictures of the booklet confirm it.

The Nokia Booklet 3G was a hit by Nokia, a brilliant device from every point of view.

nokia laptop

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