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N97 Software Update: New Firmware For Nokia N97 Coming Tomorrow | Update: It Did!

The best Nokia handset right now, the Nokia N97, is just one day away from getting its first firmware (software) update after first being released. The N97 has been now around for some days, I pre-ordered mine and received it 2 weeks ago; a beautiful black NAM N97.

So far I have liked this device a lot, its is just like a computer after all. But innokia n97 in black opened the few weeks I have had the N97 I can tell that it has a first generation software running inside, there are obvious bugs that although not critical, bother the user while the N97 is being used. One of the worse bugs is the lock/unlock key that has to be pushed sometimes 2 times before the screen goes ON. Another bug I  have noticed and personally think is very weird (please leave a comment if you are having this issue) is that when I unlock the device I see the GPS satellite symbol on the top right of the screen, then like if the N97 was playing with me; it disappears! I am also having issues with the battery life, it barely makes it to the end of the day.

Anyway, there are pretty official rumors saying that tomorrow July 1st, a new software update for the Nokia N97 will be released by Nokia with over 100 improvements and fixes to the N97. Here are some of them:

  • Lock, unlock and backlight bug has been fixed
  • Kinetic scrolling on phonebook
  • Screens will load quicker
  • Scrolling was improved (general)
  • Maps has been improved as well as GPS  locking Time

There are over a 100 improvements for the Nokia N97, I personally am desperate for getting this update on my N97. To get this update hopefully tomorrow July 1st, just go to menu>settings>phone mgtm>Updates>Options>Check. Hopefully there will be a new update when you make this, you can also go to Nokia.com/SoftwareUpdate

Via: HoFo


Today July 01 the N97 received a big software update from Nokia. I just finished updating my N97 via Nokia PC Suite since the FOTA update did not show new firmware. So far I can tell that the FM Transmitter icon changed and that the screen turns ON/OFF correctly while unlocking de device. Have you had problems with the new update?

  • http://www.allbutvocal.com Martin

    i just checked, its not available yet. Why is the battery life so damn low? im really feeling a bit angry at myself for buying this phone now.

    • edward

      Use nokia software updater, I updated mine and I can see it got a bit better, however there are no cool things thios guy told on the forum…no kinetic scrolling on phonebook……

  • http://www.ucilia.com janus

    i just had mine. Crappy phone! Network reception is really bad. Wifi kills my linksys wifi router wrt350. keyboard is very uncofortable.spacebar not big enough.letter spacing not confortable.cannot open the phone with one hand. Forrget texting while driving. canot understnand how to close apps. Dpad useless,it i
    s to small and u cant feel it. Facebook app doesnt save username and passowrd. No native sip voip client. Il will wait forr the next fw upgrade and to see and i will sell it. N95 is the best they ever made. This is like the vista of nokia.they tried to mmake it perfect but they made it in way that it is not usable practically. I wrote this with my n97 it took 20 minutes………internet navigation is very hard

    • edward

      I disagree on many of your points, but c’mon, you can text while driving. It has a T9 on-screen keyboard while closed. Inner keyboard is a problem of getting used to. D-pad too. Why would you want to open the phone with one hand, you need two to type inn the keyboard, if you want one use the T9 on screen keyboard. My N97 is just the correct size.

      But you are right abouyt the Facebook and SIP ;)

  • http://www.ucilia.com janus

    i wanted to correct the text inthe input, and icouldnt navigate with touch screen, had to use dpad. Too imprecise. It submitted without letting me correct… I only buy nokia. But this one feels like a market test or a mistake.

  • http://www.ucilia.com Janus

    I am in swtizerland and the uprage is not yet avaibable, ( i have aUK phone)
    I went to http://europe.nokia.com/A4305060 to check the FW and i got this:
    Latest available software for Nokia N97, Version: 10.0.012, wich version do u have?
    also call the the nokia support to tell them about the problems listed above.
    For network reception they told me my telecom operator is not good, but i had near by an e71 an n76 and an n95 all had good reception…
    he told me to reisntall the firmware to fix the problems, which I did and nothign changed
    I hard reset my phone still the same problems.
    He ultimately told me to send him back the device for an exchange. ill wait for the new FW.
    I tried aslo install the sip setting form the nokia forum, doesnt work.
    Do you have any problem with screen backlight? very often it doesnt turn on when i open it, i have to close it and hit the keylock 2 times to get light.
    my 0.02c

    If i have to advise people now, it would be dont buy it before they seriously upgrade it.

    • edward

      The new version is v.11 I think. Go to nokia.com/softwareupdate I would hang on for two days more if I were you. And by the way, I am near Switzerland and I am loving it!

  • Ahmad

    I have the N97 NAM White, I’ve done the update yesterday and still have the following problems:

    1. The photo gallery seems more stable but still have the problem of showing the low resolution broken pixel images ! It works for a while after restarting the phone but after using the phone for sometime the problem will come again !

    2. The theme transitions seems faster and smooth but since yesterday it happened twicw the the phone turn the transition effects off without any notice (when you go to the settings you will find the theme effects is turned ON but it will never work unless you restart the phone !!)

    Free Phone memory and RAM still the same with no improvement (the 5800 has better free RAM and phone memory)
    The Web browser carshes more often (It just dissapea !! the phone closes it suddenly along with any other opened programs) !
    The Web Browser still doesnt work on ATT WIFI network , it keep reloading the Login page without giving me the time to enter the username and password!!! the solution here is to disable the Java script on browser settings, then Login, and after that enable the Java again !
    Although the transition effects is much less than the 5800, it still not stable and turns off automatically !
    The camera seems little improved ! Not sure about that, but my pictures yesterday looked great !
    The Weather widget still not Stable and hangs alot !

    The overall performance is improved, bugs and crashes are less, the phone difinately is more stable in general but there is alot of work to do for the next update (Better Transition effect, Fixing the Photo Gallery, Freeing more RAM, Adding Kinetic scrolling to Contacts and Menue, Enabling the user to install any language pack he wants just like the new Iphone which has 40 Languages not restricted to any Region or country !)

  • Ahmad

    By the way, I have reception issues too, the phone barely can get the signal inside buildings !! today i couldnt get signal reception while i was sitting at starbucks and other people where using their phones and making calls normally !!! I compared it to my 5800 and the 5800 gets 3 levels inside my rom while my n97 gets 1 level !

  • http://www.ucilia.com Janus

    no luck with update, it is not avaible yet….
    other things. my battery died during the night after full charge. took like 15 min to get it back to power up using the usb cable (i had waring on my PC saying N97 conencted with limited support)
    did again a hard rest configured nothing, still ahve networjk and screnn problems.
    also i have an application that tries all the time to go online using my 3g conenction, and i cant understand wich one. any idea how to?
    I am trying to format the 32gb and i can find where, any idea?
    on monday if no update i will ship it back to nokia.
    where is the n95 quality?
    am disapointed.
    Edward where do you live?

  • http://www.ucilia.com Janus

    how do you set the default netowrk to be your wifi network instead of the 3g network?
    did i mention help menus are very very incomplete?
    is there an app manager to close apps? i found the running app navigator.

    • edward

      The menus are not incomplete, they are just arrenged easily. But you can have it your way, just click options and then organize. Then you can create folders and organize the menu however yoou like. Yes there is an app manager. Just press the menu button for a long time, then the open apps open. Then long click over the app you want to close and an ”Exit” button will appear, just press it and the app will close.

  • http://www.ucilia.com Janus

    if you recive an sms while the phone is off and power your phoen on, obiously you will get the sms but the rotation will not work is your phone is allready open.
    i tried sending sms to a few different device including to the n97, all got it much faster (took like a minute to the n97) no applications and nothign was changed on that phone…

  • http://www.ucilia.com Janus

    Eward, i was talking about the “help” menu.
    if you remove the nokia facebook application the phone will work better

  • amir

    after i updated my N97 i cant seem to find the fm transmitter anywhere , not in apps , not in music player menu , thought i find in in the widgets menu but when i choose it it’s a blank widget nothing appears , can anyone help ???

    • edward

      Update the N97 again, I updated mine and the Transmitter icon change, however, I can access it normally

  • Paul

    This is my second Nokia N97 already and it looks like im going to have to send it back too. Anybody else having problems with receiving texts and the inbow only displaying the number rather than the contact information? Having the backlight issues with this one but my previous phone was good. Also, the battery life is pathetic even when all apps are closed and im not using it! Im thinking cancel my contract and go with the IPhone at this rate but id much rather have the n97 – especially as iv just spent the last day transfering music files!!!

  • http://www.ucilia.com Janus

    I have sent mine back. i had a chat with a nokia agent that is a freind in a country that i wont name. but i can tell this is part of the world where they start selling phones before anywhere else, making them think that they are important to nokia; whereas they are just using them a guinea pigs.. …anyway he said that the phone has a lot of problems (many kinds) not ready to be marketed and that we are basically part of the “idiots” that bought it too fast.
    the product need to mature for at least a 18months. the 5800 was part of the test.
    also watch out when u travel abroad, this phone will cost u a fortune in stealth roaming data connections.

    I bougth a iphone 3gs now, it is not a phone made by phone makers but merely a gadget with partial functionalities, very expensive and blocked to the operator whereas nokia here are never. am back with my n95!!

    • edward

      I have been in europe the last 2 months, and the N97 in offline mode is just as safe as leaving thee sim home. And yes, the firmware is a bit early, but it is a GREAT phone in my opinion

  • glen

    this phone is really starting to p**s me off, i came from a iphone to this and i have to say i am 100% dissapointed! the amount of bugs and the completely useless software for the pc!took almost 3 hours just to get some music on my pc! now i cant even update the software on the phone because it will not allow my pc to connect to it! i am seriously considering sending this back and just getting the new iphone. i dont know what i was thinking when i decided to get this phone! complete waste of time!

  • EvanH

    Hmm… I find it interesting that so many people have had problems with their devices. I got mine on the 3rd or 4th of June in the USA and haven’t really had much of an issue with mine. Signal strength has been equal (if not better) than any other phone I’ve had. The backlight issue freaked me out for a bit, but that’s fine now after the update and restoring my phone. Um… battery life seems to get better as it gets used to your use style (I know it sounds strange). It went for a day and a half with me just a few days ago with heavy data use.

    I have a couple problems that I’m trying to work out with Nokia at the moment and maybe some of you could help me. When I restored it, the games that came pre-installed on the device were no longer there. Spore, Brain Challenge 2, and Guitar Rock Tour were all erased. Does anyone know how I can get those games back without having to go through N-Gage (which btw is available for N97 now). Can anyone pull those games off their devices and send them to me at hussar1986@yahoo.com? That’d be great!

    Also, the AccuWeather and Facebook widgets both work very well now that I’ve restored and updated the firmware.

  • http://www.mobileunlocksolutions.com/ kanaga

    Thanks for the information about firmware updated….

  • Durai

    Guys, Have anyone tried it till date for any FW update. Is it still a waste phone?

  • Drex

    I’ve been thinking to get one… most of the flaws comments I read owner still wnat to keep the N97.

    I’m still thinking if I should really get 1

  • http://www.ucilia.com Janus

    dont buy it.

  • stacey

    hey ive just got n97. seems perfectly fine. one problem… on the first day i was receiving texts is was fine but from the second day on and for the past few days i have been receiving texts with the just the number displayed and no contact information. rather annoying as i dont know everybodys number by heart.. anybody else had this problem? I only updated the phone today and still have the same problem..


  • blaze

    give the n97 some time. just like the 5800. after some fw updates, it becomes a very good phone.

  • jasem al kinde

    the mobil is really very bad its hanging and slow and i couldent conect to my email and when i went to the nokia care center they told me we don’t know !!! i think nokia should pull out this mobil its a bad image for nokia iphon is the best i well sell it and buy iphon .

  • Drex

    Janus- Thanks… I lost my N95 early this year and I heard about the N97 so I kind waited for it. it seem that still alot of bugs on the N97….Now I’m debating if I should just get back to N95..

  • http://www.ucilia.com Janus

    Update. got my N97 back from service center, they did nothing except reset it, they sent me back the same phone. When i got it the updates were available.
    they did make the phone a bit better. but problems with screen not turning on and lot of crashes didnt go away. the other serious problem and that is very anoying is that if u are connected to a wifi network and move out of range, you will be bombarded with requests to connect to internet, you wont have the chance to tell it to go offiline because so many connections request popup on screen that the device becomes pracatically unsuable.
    i had facebook, acuweather and ap news on the home screen. and what is more serious if that if it doesnt find a wifi network it will try umts connection – so if u have a limited plan , this will hurt on your next bill. there is no network connection control option (excpet to put it offiline if u mange to open the menu when it gets disconnected.).
    nokia maps (now ovi) doesnt work on wifi like google maps does (which is a far better product).
    touch screen also require you to press 2 times on a program icon to activate it, once would be enough.
    I fixed my n95 and i am using it, i keep the n97 to play arround because i cant give it back.
    my advice remains the same. dont buy it . until they drastically upgrade it and make keyboard better (keys are too far apart).
    the final touch is that THERE IS NO VOIP CLIENT like on the N95 or the E series
    only for this reason this phone should not be purchased.
    PS: I like nokia products and they are the only real phone manufacturers, all other build fridges , land mines, tv, dvd players, and white wanna be phones (that explode!).

  • http://www.ucilia.com Janus

    Just an intersting data, below a the last quarters phoen sale 263 millions divided like below. as you can see nokia sell almost 21 times more phones than iphone…

    1. Nokia 103 millions
    2. Samsung 53 millions
    3. Lg 30 millions
    4. Motorola 14 millions
    5. Sony 13 millions
    6. ….
    7. ….
    8. ….
    9. Iphone 5 millions

  • http://www.ucilia.com Janus

    One more reason this phone is crap. the new nokia firmware not only it doesnt fix issues, but it brings back the old ones and creates new ones. see thread.


  • Yaseen adam

    i had a nokia e75.. good phone. ut sold it and bought a n97.. dont know why i did it..
    the main problem i have is that it doesnt receive any sms’s.. it send but doesnt receive…
    i think that its he first phone ever not to receive sms’s..

    thats weak..what can i do

    • edward

      Reset your phone with *#7370# and the run the setting wizard so the N97 configures everything

  • http://www.ucilia.com Janus


    1)My battery dies suddenly – when there is like 30% left it will die in a few minutes
    2)during last night while my phoen was charging plugged to my pc somthign happened.
    and in the morning all my sms and my emails (including my emial settings) disapeared. nothign was left.
    3) when i sue the cam to make pics, it works fien for about 10 pics then after it just crashes and u cant take pics anymore, need to restart the phone….

  • bryan

    27th oct. V20 is here. I am updating it now

  • David Ferran

    Yeah, don't buy it!

    I've had mine for about a year now and the problems only hit me when i found out they'd been taken off the shelf in our local phone shop on the island (isle of man) because of faults with it.

    Mine had the usual freezing, lock/unlock button not working at all at times, battery getting hot without using it, camera not working properly, if i went into my photos/videos it would show the thumbnails then they'd all disappear saying no photos or videos available, when i charged it it would start changing profiles by itself and opening apps by itself too, turn itself off and back on a number of times in a row… i think that's about it!!! Oh and i did install the new fw update few months ago, not as many bugs but still a few.

    Is a shame really because the phone is really good, if the bugs were just sorted!!! Let me know if that happens at all, please :-)