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N97 Case: Nokia N97 Case Review CP-382

Cases are half the fun of having a phone. We have seen some fancy and exciting, yet unpractical cases, like in the E75, and, some sleek ones like in the E71 and other devices. The Nokia N97, however, did not come with an original case bundled in the expensive price tag. The  first purchase I did for my N97 was not a memory card or a nice pair of headphones, was a case to protect it while it is on my pockets, over tables, in the car and other dangerous situations. I first bought a ”Bugatti” case in which the N97 fitted quite well: it was a nice protection accessory. But, I could not keep my eyes from the original cases for the N97. Finally, I got a chance to try one, the Nokia CP-382.

There is a big difference between original accessories and 3rd party accessories. The original accessories really blend with the design of the device and complement it. The CP-382 is a beautiful case for the N97. It is not a leather case, and is a good thing because improves its price, but is a premium high quality case for a very good price, plus, makes the N97 look better than it already does. The CP-382 has a cool inprinted logo ”Nokia Nseries” and is all stitched like high end car seats, a curious, but stylish piece of metal is embedded on the center and the interior is soft so each time the case is used the N97 gets a mini-cleanup. A little hole on the back upper part provides a better place to hang the stylus than the N97 itself. Its really a great case! You can check the CP-382 here: Nokia CP-382 Carry Case

  • Xgrind

    Strange, I got this case bundled with my N97 purchase.

    • edward

      I think Nokia bundles the accessories differently in each country. Here in the USA, they normaly pack less. For example, my E71 NAM came without a memory card!

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    I hate bulky cases like this. It really takes away from the phone aesthetics.

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    Thanks guys for giving information about Nokia N97.