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N97 Camera Review | Mercedes-Benz Museum and The Nokia N97

While visiting Stuttgart in Germany, we had the best idea ever, testing the camera of the Nokia N97 at the Mercedes-Benz Museum! We went there and took lots of shots at interesting cars, some cool racing cars, other classics and from famous people too such as the Pope and Frank Sinatra; both proud Mercedes-Benz owners.

The Benz Museum is a difficult track to test the N97 in, it is a dark place filled with shiny cars that reflect the lightining, making it difficult for the camera to take a good picture, however, the Nokia N97 did a pretty good job. All the time the N97 was set to Automatic Settings mode, the pictures weren’t edited in any way. Enjoy the pictures!

[nggallery id=5]

We also did a short video with the N97, it shows all the Benz ”SilverArrows” which are racing cars. Among those are the winners of the Mille Migglia, the first car to reach 200 km/h and more cool cars. The N97 did a great job too, usually YouTube reduces the quality a bit, but still one can see that the cars look sharp and with good lightining.