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Nokia N96 Unboxing and First Thoughts

The Nokia N96 just arrived and I wanted to share it, I made an unboxing video and a really short comparison with the Nokia N85. Hope You like it!

My first impression when I saw the N96 was thinking how big it is, the N96 is a big phone,  but that does not mean it is heavy. When I held it for the first time I could not believe how light weight it is! The phone is weightless, even with the battery on is lighter than the N85 which is a far smaller phone.  The N96 looks impressive in real life, looks ”high tech” with a very modern look and elegant shape, a beautiful design from Nokia I have to say. There are media keys around the D-Pad, an unlock slider button on top and the multimedia keys on the left that double as gaming keys on N-Gage to offer a great gaming experience. In the short time I have had it I can say that the multimedia keys on the left are very comfortable and far better than the N95 original multimedia keys.  A little feature that the N96 packs is a kickstand placed around the camera, works pretty well is strong enough.

On the N96 the screen is really big, it has 2.8” and QVGA resolution which is kind of disappointing. But the screen is so big that when the people first play with the N96 they all slide their fingers on the screen as if it were a touch screen device! Very funny!  For the short moment I have played with the N96 I think it might be a great device, but stay tuned! Interesting stuff is coming!