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N900 Software: Add Chat Services To Conversations: AIM, Yahoo, Facebook, MSN

The Nokia N900 is a communication powerhouse, with the Conversations native app you can pretty much talk to everyone you know through different services like: AIM, Yahoo, Facebook, Google Chat, Skype, Ovi and much more. But some of this services don’t come by default with the N900, I remember setting the services up and just 3 or 4 were available. I remember that MSN wasn’t one of those, so I started searching for a way to add more services to the N900’s Conversations app.

There is an app called ”Extra Protocols Plugin” that adds multiple services to the N900 Conversations app, for example: Facebook, AIM, GTalk, MSN, Group Wise, ICQ, Gadu Gadu, QQ, SIP, Salut, Sametime and Yahoo. The N900’s Conversation app is amazing after you install this plugin.

To install the plugin, first add the Extras-Testing Maemo Repository to the N900’s App Manager. Just open App Manager and ”Application Manager” on top, then Application Catalogs, ”New.” All you have to do is enter the settings on the screenshot below.

After that just install the ”Extra protocol plugins for Conversations and Contacts” app. You can now go to Conversations and add more services to it!

  • bechara


  • baldev

    I have bought one N900 in india.skype is not preinstalled in this phone.Please need your help to where is the link for skype download in n900.


  • M Smith

    Skype is probably there, but you’re not finding it. It’s built into the contacts. Try heading into your Settings menu and looking for VoIP and IM settings.

  • Pappu

    India :( bydeafult skype is not available in Indian N900 version, so you should download the global firmware instead of using Indian Version. I did the same thing.

  • Reda_kaba


  • sumanth

    am unable to start the phone

  • Jam

    how can i install it right, at 1st it says INSTALLING but at the end it says UNABLE TO INSTALL, y??help please

  • Mbaldabagh

    very good