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N900 Joikuspot: Nokia N900 Joikuspot Now Available As Free Download

Joikuspot for the N900 is now available! I have been searching for the Maemo version of Joikuspot for quite a while, this is an app that I use everyday, and not only I use it, many friends occasionally ask me to turn it on so they can have internet on their computers. So far my search for Joikuspot for the N900 was not successful, but now, Joikuspot is available free for the Nokia N900!

The N900 Joikuspot app allows you to share your 3G/2G internet connection through the WI-FI of the N900: practically, your N900 becomes a WI-FI router. Is a really cool app that enables you to be connected with your PC to the internet in no time, you don’t have to configure anything or connect anything. The N900 Joikuspot app also has this cool ”speedometer” that tells you the speed of the internet you are getting. Unfortunately for AT&T users, like me, this won’t be very useful since the N900 lacks the standard NAM 3G band, however, T-Mobile users can enjoy full 3G speeds. To download Joikuspot for your N900 for free just head here: GetJoikuspot

  • Razi

    Clicked on the link. It says you have to pay to download.

  • Arslanking

    free version only for symbian s60…….