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N900 and N97 Mini Get Funny Ads | Offline As It Happens

To be honest, I did not think that the ”Online As It Happens” campaign from Nokia was too ”brilliant”. Either I didn’t get it, or it just wasn’t good, I just saw it as another lame campaign without innovation. I always admired Apple ads, I think they completely offer what the public is looking for. Is amazing how in 30 seconds they make you want, run out, and buy whatever they are advertising. But what is more amazing, is Nokia’s incompetence doing a correct ad for their phones. The ”Online As It Happens” is decent, but lacks originality.

Now Nokia did a little better with the ”Offline As It Happens” campaign. Is pretty ironic how two months later a company comes with the exact opposite of the previous slogan they used, is brilliant. The ads are good, they are funny and don’t focus only on the device. Nokia is definitively on the correct path, but still need improving. For example, the ads don’t show anything a Nokia phone can do, others can’t, while iPhone ads do. Anyway, here are all the ads for the N900 and N97 Mini.