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N8’s AMOLED Display Comparison: Droid’s 4” vs. Omnia HD’s 3.7” vs. N8’s 3.5”

When I first saw the Nokia N8 as a leaked device I was hoping its display to be AMOLED. That is because since I switched to AMOLED devices, it is just hard to look at a LCD screen again. And well, very luckily, Nokia had decided to put a 3.5” AMOLED capacitive screen on the N8. However, this doesn’t make me completely happy. This year we have seen how smartphone’s screens get bigger and bigger, we now have 4.3” monsters like the HD2, Droid X or Motorola Droid X2. That is a bit exaggerated in my opinion, but I also think that 3.5” is a bit too small for such a device. I have now used devices with all screen sizes, and in my opinion, 4” is the perfect measure. It is not as big as the 4.3” but it doesn’t fall short like the 3.5”. Below is a video comparison of the Droid’s 4” vs. Omnia HD’s 3.7 vs. N8’s 3.5”. Note that the Droid does not have an AMOLED screen and the difference is very noticeable.

  • JAKE

    I think like you, the 4'' is perfect. And yes, I also think the 3.5'' is not quite enough. We'll see what Nokia will do, design by community concept has a 4'' so that is good

    • edumana

      Well yes, that will at least tell designers we want 4''!