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N8 Release Date: Nokia N8 ”Coming Soon” At NokiaUSA

So long I don’t post anything here! Well, I was on well deserved vacation for a whole month and some weeks. But I am back! All I can say about my vacation, is that I would really, really have liked to have the N8 to take pics and video in the amazing places I visited. But well, here I am writing this post about the ”Coming Sooner than never” N8!

The wait for the Nokia N8 has been ridiculously long. But understandable at the same time, after all, Nokia has to get everything to work perfectly in this device. And hopefully they will! Anyway, the Nokia N8 now shows at the NokiaUSA website as ”Coming Soon.” However, it is still not available for pre-order. Meaning that we can be as much as 40 days, even 2 months away from having a N8 in our hands. Too long in my opinion, a release for the 1st week of August would have been an appropriate date in my opinion. But remember Nokia said Q3, and they still have until the last day of September to release the Nokia N8.