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My First App: Amazing Tip Calculator for Windows Phone

I have been patiently waiting for Microsoft to approve and certify my first Windows Phone app: ATP – Tip Calc, or Amazing Tip Calculator for long. I tried learning how to code Windows Phone apps over the winter break, and this is the result of days worth of work. I know it might not be the most impressive app ever, but I had to start with something simple. So, without further ado, here’s ATP – Tip Calc!

The idea behind ATP was to design a tip calculator that offered the most clear and simple user interface out there.  The app uses two bars you can slide or tap in order to split the check, or decrease/increase the tipping percentage. The app then displays the total price to pay, or price + tip per person if you split the check. The cool thing, however, is that the app is supported across countries. If you are in India, it will show the Rupee sign, and if you are in Europe, it will show the Euro sign. The accent colors will also change depending on your preference.

You can download the app here: ATP Tip Calc. If you have any suggestions, just comment away!