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Multitouch Game For Nokia 5800! Download Now!

The most popular aspect from the iPhone is probably the multitouch technology that enables users to use their phone using more ”natural” gestures to use the phone. The multitouch is a very useful interface method that can really enhance the usability of a touch screen phone. With the first touch screen from Nokia, the 5800, the multitouch technology was not adopted, the 5800 does not recognize more than one finger at the same time, it was espected that Nokia would not use multitouch technology on the 5800 or N97, but, as always, everything can be fixed! A very talented developer called Jamie Fuller, developed a multitouch game for the Nokia 5800, also compatible with the upcoming Nokia N97. The game is basically like a Guitar Hero, if you see the picture above you will immediately recognize the similarities, but the interesting part of the game is not that is amusing or entertained to play, it is that the game is multitouch and recognizes 2 fingers at the same time. As you can see on the picture, the two fingers touching the screen are highlighted by a shade of light green, so technically, this game is a multitouch game!  But aside from being the first multitouch game, the game is also very cool and entertained to play. There are two songs and you can then submit automatically your score and the compare with the scores from other users. The game is just amazing, if you have a Nokia 5800 (or a N97 by some reason) I highly recommend you install this game, it is just amazing to see how the screen recognizes two fingers at the same time! You can download the game right here: Jamie Fuller.

But more important, is that this game is just the begining, it is a matter of time for more applications or games with multitouch technology to appear, maybe an application that enables multitouch on the web browser to zoom-in easier or more cool games like this one!

Via: GSMarena

  • andre tawile

    great game!

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    good game

  • rami

    were can i download it

  • honey

    txn man its awesome txnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • rakso

    how to download it?

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    • Ardag_2002

      you guys do realise that this is jot multi touch :)) if u put ur finger mid.way between 2 buttons, the 2 buttons will be highlighted. It is fake, u just have the impression of multi touch

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