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Motion Based Accelerometer Games: Dice Game for the Nokia 5800 and N97

The Nokia 5800 is a great phone to play games, the big 3.2 inch touch screen and the accelerometer just make it the best phone to play games, for example the Global Race game preloaded in the 5800 is by far better than the E90 and N95 versions because you can control the car with the accelerometer! It is funny because the first time I opened the game I thought that it was 


controlled with the touch screen, that was until I discovered the control was the phone itself. Anyway, the guys from WOM World/Nokia, found a really cool free motion based accelerometer game for the Nokia 5800, it isjust called ”Dice” and it is not completely a game, you can play games with the dice, but the game itself is not an actual ”game”. The game works pretty well and is accelerometer based, you can lift or shake the phone to roll the dice and of course the dice will fall on its numbers after the users stops shaking the phone. It is  a really cool but simple application, it could work to play some games with friends or just to show off the accelerometer magic of your 5800. You can download the game here: CreaBros

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