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Microsoft will Spend ₤20 million to market Nokia’s First Windows Phone

What can ₤20 million spent in a marketing campaign do for a manufacturer that is trying to recover from a long recession? We are about to see this holiday season and throughout the next year. Nokia will unveil their first Windows Phone device(s) by the end of this month. Nokia’s plans are still a mystery, but Microsoft is going to spend 20 million sterling pounds in every kind of advertising form in Nokia’s first Windows Phone. These are very exciting news; however, I am not very sure if this sum of money will be backing up a single device or all of Nokia’s Windows Phone lineup. Reports say it is for a single device, and this just makes me wonder what type of device could be so important to spend that kind of money on. Are they going to announce and market a flagship device to go after the iPhone 4S and possibly the Nexus Prime? Or are they going to market a mid-end device that everyone can afford? Where will these device(s) be available before the end of the year?

I honestly wish Nokia could go full throttle, both marketing-wise, and spec-wise, on a single device. But we’ll see what they actually have in store for us, this Nokia World is going to be an exiting one…