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Meet The Nokia E52 | Latest Nokia Mobile – Nokia E52

The Nokia E52 is the latest mobile from Nokia, very similar to the Nokia E55 in almost every aspect but one; the semi-qwerty keyboard has been replaced by a T9 keyboard.


 The E52 was announced very quietly and and seems it will be available at the same time than the Nokia E55, before the end of the second quarter of this year. The Nokia E52 has some amazing specifications, it lasts almost one month in standby mode without recharging, optimal battery life with a huge 1500mAh battery, noise cancellation for calls, digital compass along with GPS, WI-FI, slimmr body than E71 and a very appealing price of around 240 Euro for the unlocked version.The Nokia E52 is the answer for those who were complaining about the semi-qwerty keyboard of the E55,  with almost all other specifications identical to its brother, but the keyboard which has been replaced be the T9 standard keyboard. The E52 does not convince us though, the feature that makes the Nokia E55 special is the semi-qwerty keyboard which in my opinion improves the messaging experience, what do you think, E55 or E52?

  • Ricardo

    E55 all the way, but does it have the noise cancelling thing?

    • edward

      No, it does not, I think……