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MeeGo: The Future Of Nokia Looks Bright Again

We are still waiting for Symbian^3, and with all this wait, Nokia has to be doing something exciting with the new Symbian release. However, the truth is, that if Symbian is just the make over of S60 5th Ed like the videos showed some months ago, it will probably be outdated by the time it launches. What we can’t forget, is that Nokia still has MeeGo under their sleeve! I was recently browsing YouTube to search for videos about the Intel summit some days ago; I found this really cool video where MeeGo is running on three different devices but interacting with all at the same time. As Nokia said back at the MWC, MeeGo is not only a smartphone platform but a platform that has the power tun run on multiple devices: cars, TVs, netbooks, tablets, phones, and more. Note that although looks like Intel is entirely behind what is shown here, Nokia is part owner of MeeGo and therefore is Nokia’s too. Of course Nokia’s MeeGo version will look a bit different, but at least we know that MeeGo is a really cool and powerful platform. When will it be that Nokia┬áreleases┬áit’s first MeeGo phone?