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MeeGo: Introduction and Review Of MeeGo 1.0 For Netbooks

Yesterday I took some time to install MeeGo 1.0 in my old Asus EEE PC. I have now played with it for a day, and well, I have discovered some obvious bugs, and small things that need to be fixed. Here is the intro to MeeGo by me!

However, although MeeGo looks ”pretty cool” (yes I know I used it a couple of times ;)) it does have some problems and bugs that really make it a frustrating experience. So what are my first impressions of MeeGo? For some reason it is slow, it is hard to explain, it is not slow, ¬†just not fast enough. I mean, this basic OS should just be blazing fast with virtually no lag at all, and well, that is not the case here. Changing apps can take a couple of seconds and opening/closing apps takes more than what one would expect in this type of OS. ¬†MeeGo also has some annoying aspects, like the whole transition effect between apps that until it works flawlessly, it shouldn’t be implemented. Some apps also look too plain and simple, I mean, opening the calculator just opens a naked window in the middle of nowhere. The aspects discussed in the video below also make me want an update right away, specially the way multitasking works, is is just not efficient.

In other thoughts, MeeGo does have something that makes it easy and cool to use. You have everything right there and everything works as a whole.There are integrated services, like dozens of chat services and of course Twitter and Last.FM built-in. The e-mail client is pretty decent too, and the calendar is very well designed. You can have a fun time with MeeGo because it really has the power to keep you connected, arguably, better than a full desktop computer. It also had the ”friendliness” of a more simple OS, yet, with some power under the hood. Other thing that hopefully will make MeeGo more successful are apps. Qt is built into MeeGo, so we should see more apps in the ”Garage” catalog in the coming months, I believe that apps are really what is going to be the exciting point in using a MeeGo powered device, specially with touch input MeeGo which will come out in October. I can already see a slim and powerful Nokia tablet running MeeGo, and I just have one word for it: score!

In conclusion, MeeGo just needs some polishing, some new features, fixes, mods, and of course updates before I can confidently use it as my only netbook OS. But as far as version 1.0 goes, MeeGo exceeds in performance, I am sure that MeeGo will be a huge thing in a couple of years when more updates and support for other types of hardware come. Two thumbs up Nokia and Intel!