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MeeGo: How Would You Rename It?

The news about MeeGo are pretty exciting, Nokia really surprised the industry by teaming with Intel to develop this powerful, open source OS. MeeGo is the the result from the merge between Intel’s Moblin and Nokia’s Maemo. Together, they will combine to create a powerful and flexible OS that can run in everything from TVs, to Ent. Systems in Cars, Netbooks, Media Devices, and of course, mobile computers. MeeGo is a big thing, the press didn’t really pay attention to it because to be honest, Nokia doesn’t receive much attention this days.

One of the main things that got my attention is that almost no one seems to like the name ”MeeGo.” I think it sounds more like a service, the term ”Me” and Go” are too widely used: the combination ”MeeGo” just sounds generic. So how would you name MeeGo? Maybe you can come up with a better name, and who knows?