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MeeGo Harmattan vs. Windows Phone: A User-Friendliness Test

Windows Phone or MeeGo?

Nokia will be using Windows Phone in the future; a decision that angered a lot of Nokia fans and users. Some people argue that MeeGo would be a better alternative to Windows Phone, but how do we know which one is better? I frequently argue that Windows Phone already has an ecosystem, Microsoft’s muscle behind it, and an excellent degree of acceptance in the United States and other countries. MeeGo in the other hand, is a platform that is yet to release to the market and be tested by actual user and carriers.

Here I have designed a test in which two types of users (first-time user and an advanced user) attempt to complete three basic tasks: call a specific number, send a text message to themselves, and open a website. I gave the same set of instructions to both of them, and they turned away so they didn’t see how the other person completed the task. I also didn’t explain how to unlock the phone for the first test, but I did give basic instructions before the second test. At the end, I averaged out each time and got a task per second unit for both platforms. The idea is that the platform with the lowest number is either easier, faster, or more intuitive to use.

Be aware that neither the MeeGo nor the Mango build on these phones is final, and that the N950 is not going to be sold to the public; it’s just a developer device.

  • Youssef Mrabet

    The idea is good, however the test should be done through a larger sample of individuals to be relevant!

    • Anonymous

      Agree.. unfortunately it’s hard to find people who have time for it in college…lol

  • Yay scientific method

    *shrugs* Ten seconds.

  • Anonymous

    That was probably the biggest pile of steaming crap I’ve ever seen. Tells me absolutely nothing about the usability of either device.

    BTW, try changing the ringtone on WP7.

    • Anonymous

      hey, a little respect please

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Aaron-Baker/100001012473293 Aaron Baker

    This is why we need to extend the functionality of the N9 lock screen with something like Nokia bubbles.

  • Anonymous

    You are right in what you are saying, and there’s definitely more tests you could do to find out what platform is more “usable.” But this is a user-friendliness test that focuses on users who have not used a smartphone or come from a different background (which is what Nokia needs to do, give non-smartphone users and users on another platform a reason to buy Nokia phones).

  • Anonymous

    N950’s typically have firmware builds that are 22/06 or earlier….
    It isn’t necessary for them to be bleeding edge, because that’s not necessary for the work devs are doing.
    However they will apparently be getting updated once the N9’s out.
    It’d be prudent to mention, that you are comparing a non-production ready device, with one that is.

    Nice attempt at garnering some meaningful data, keep working at it.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, the Mango running on that Pro is not RTM either. But I will add a mention, thank you for making me notice this!

  • N900

    So, Meego has a slightly higher learning curve.  I like to see the comparison after the users become accustomed to the UI.