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Make your Nokia N85 Or Any other Device Look like Nokia N86


The Nokia N86 8MP is Nokia’s first 8 Megapixle device, it also brings some extra features like scratch resistant screen, OLED screen and a kickstand to watch videos comfortably without holding the device. But one thing is true, the N86 is surprisingly similar to the Nokia N85 in almost every way, from the form factor, the keys layout and presence, we can practically say the N86 is like a N85 copy.  If you  are very excited about the N86 and want to get it as soon as it is released, you can get closer to the N86 experience by making your Nokia N85, or any other Nokia device including touch screen devices like N97 and 5800, look and feel just like the N86 8MP.  A very skilled themer, released a N86 Theme for all other Nokia Mobiles, the theme is called ”N86 Theme” and is available as a free download and compatible with almost any Nokia device. This theme has a beautiful grey-blue wallpaper with Nokia Touch icons and orange-yellow colors, the theme is very well done and very few bugs can be found in it. 

I tried it personally on the N85 and looks completely amazing, all the icons are transformed to the new set of Nokia icons and your Nokia will just look like the N86 from the pictures Nokia released.  This theme is now one of my favourites and will stay on my N85 for a long time. You can download and install the theme in your Nokai device for free, just download the  theme here: nokia-n86-theme

So what are you waiting? Just download the Nokia N86 Theme and make your Nokia device look like the N86 8MP!

Via: Tehk7 Themes

  • William

    I love it, thanks for sharing! Finally a theme that will look great on my n85. Hopefully it will replace ALL my icons