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Lumia 900 Will Show Up in the U.S Very Soon!

Yesterday I was puzzled why Nokia would want the best spot at the CES event in Las Vegas January 10th to 13th, seems they have something big to show here in the U.S. We have known for a while about the Lumia 900; a U.S version of the Lumia 800 with a larger 4.3″ screen, Windows Phone Tango, and LTE for AT&T–very sweet having in account the 800 is already an amazing device. Now BGR has confirming news from their trusted sources about the launch of the 900 in the U.S; it’s nothing new really, but just nice to hear more sources confirming the same thing. Basically Nokia will unveil the 900 sometime in January or February and will put behind the new device a huge marketing blitz like they have done in Europe. They are claiming that the 900 will be announced sometime after CES, but again, I would like to think it will be before CES given they wanted the best spot available–it’s not hard to infer they have something important to show here in the U.S, and their current portfolio is targeted to the U.S, so…

Can’t wait to see Nokia Lumia ads all over the place here in the U.S :)