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Lumia 900: Nokia hits a Home Run

The Nokia Lumia 900 is Nokia’s first high-end Windows Phone for the North American market. It’s announcement marks a historic hit for Nokia; never before had the world seen three CEOs unveil a Nokia smartphone exclusively for the U.S: Steve Ballmer, Ralph de La Vega, and Stephen Elop introduced the Lumia 900 to the world while making clear that “Nokia is back.” But is Nokia back?

The steps Nokia is taking to re-enter the American market are the right ones: set aside a $200 Million budget for marketing, get some attention by getting lots of people involved, and finally, offering something that is quite different and provides certain advantages over the competition.  The Nokia Lumia 900 does all of that beautifully. It’s design is clearly different from the plethora of Android, and even other Windows Phone slabs that were recently introduced, and it’s specifications, although not mind-blowing, are up there with the competition.

The Megapixel race that the mobile industry lived some years ago has surfaced again, but this time with RAMs, ROMs, and CPUs. All of that, courtesy of Android. But who needs a quad-core phone when your car gets a flat tire at 10PM? By then, the battery will have taken a beating throughout the day and your phone will relinquish its most basic function. The truth is that cores are just another marketing gimmick, my Lumia 800 runs better than some dual-core Androids while running laps around them in terms of battery life. But enough reasons why the 900’s 1.4GHz is enough.

The Lumia 900 is about design, simplicity, and functionality for everyone. That beautiful and spacious 4.3″ AMOLED display is perfect to bring the beauty and functionality of Windows Phone at its best. The phone bleeds innovation and design, while offering some advanced features such as LTE, a 1.2MP front facing camera, and a 24-bit Clear Black AMOLED display. The 900 is about user experience, and Windows Phone sure provides the most user-friendly interface in the market. It is now up to Nokia to deliver an issue-free Nokia Lumia 900 on time, because in paper, the Lumia 900 mixed with some clever marketing has the potential to take a bite of the U.S marketshare pie.

Images: Nokia Conversations