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Lumia 900 Might be a “Hero” Phone, Get Millions Worth of Marketing

There’s two rumors going on today about the exciting US Nokia takeover. The first one is that the Nokia Lumia 900, which is supposed to be announced Jan. 9th and released March 18th, will be treated as a hero phone on AT&T. A hero phone is a device that is pushed by the carrier as a “Flagship,” meaning that it will be featured on special locations inside stores, as well as being featured in most advertisements from the carrier. Sales associates are also supposed to push the phone more because of its “hero” status. The second rumor that surfaced today┬ácomplements this one. Nokia and Microsoft will spend 200 Million US dollars in marketing upcoming Lumia devices in the U.S alone. Nokia will give incentives to sales associates per device sold, between $10 and $15. On AT&T, Nokia will outspend Microsoft in terms of marketing budget 2-1.

Stay tuned, January 9th is approaching fast!

  • Anonymous

    It might surely be called hero with 4.3inch screen but looking as large as HTC titan of 4.7inch screen. I wonder if this phone is for every body or just for the big guys. At least looking at the leaked pictures it will be far larger than the normal 4.3inch devices.

    • http://nokiamobileblog.com/ Edward U.

      I love rumors and am all for them, but we have to remember they are just rumors! Maybe the Lumia 900 actually looks slightly different from the leaked renders. What I am trying to say is, wait for it! Even though I myself can’t wait for Jan 9th!!!