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Lumia 800 Picture Samples: A Tour Around London

The guys from Nokia took us Thursday night for a tour on a classic double-decker bus around London. Since I had a Nokia Lumia 800 in my pocket, I thought this scenario would be a great one to test that 8 Megapixel Camera with dual-led flash and Carl-Zeiss optics in the Lumia 800. Keep in mind this is a very tough test; you have a moving bus and almost no lightning at all except for street lights, which don’t light very well for photography purposes. You also have far, far away objects that are dark, and behind, just the darker tone of the night; in summary, don’t expect these pictures to be amazing, what you can do, is having all those factors in mind, understand that the quality is very good. The flash, of course, was completely useless in such far away objects, but the sensor did a good job getting the dim light from the city of London at night. Tell us what you think about these!

The clock tower or Big Ben

Here’s occupy London taken by the Lumia 800.

I spotted an Aston Martin!



Piccadilly Circus, England’s imitation of Times Square (kidding)

Breathtaking view from London Bridge (I think)


Totally dark shot, there wasn’t any light at all and the Lumia managed to take a decent picture.

London Tower

English Parlament (bus was speeding up)

As you can see, these pictures are not bad at all having in consideration the horrible environment they were taken in. I will probably give another try to the Lumia’s camera once I get it for review.