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Lumia 710 Starts Shipping, Hitting the U.S Next Week According to WSJ

Nokia announced this morning that the Nokia Lumia 710 would start shipping today. The rollout schedule is as follows: Taiwan should get the 710 today, following Singapore, Hong Kong, India, and Russia over the next seven days. The unsubsidized price is 270 EUR. The Lumia 710 is Nokia’s mid-end Windows Phone, probably the best Windows Phone experience at that price point. It sports a 3.7″ display, Mango 7.5, and interchangeable back covers in five different colors.

As Nokia prepares to take over the United States during “early 2012,” the Wall Street Journal is reporting that an anonymus source has confirmed to them that Nokia would launch the Nokia Lumia 710 in the U.S with the third largest American carrier, T-Mobile. Nokia and T-Mobile scheduled an event for the 14th of December, stay tuned for Nokia’s first Windows Phone announcement in the U.S.