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Live Unboxing Pictures Of The Nokia N8!

Since Nokia announced the Nokia N8 all we have seen are official pictures of the device, sure it looks great, but most of the times they don’t entirely show how the device really looks like. I was also wondering how the USB cable (CA-157) and HDMI cable (CA-156) would look like, plus the box and all its contents. Fortunately our friends from the NMB Spanish version found a full set of some lucky guy unboxing a black Nokia N8. I can say that the screen looks colorful and amazing, that is why I love AMOLED screens, and the device itself looks really cool! The box is also first of its kind, looks like a smaller version of the Booklet’s box. You can also see the cable that will allow you to plug USBs into the N8, and of course, the HDMI cable. They look really big compared to the device. Enjoy the pics! Box contents of the N8 are:

  • Nokia N8 mobile computer
  • Nokia Battery BL-4D
  • Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-179
  • Nokia Stereo Headset WH-701
  • Nokia Compact Travel Charger AC-15
  • Nokia Adapter Cable for HDMI CA-156
  • Nokia Adapter Cable for USB OTG CA-157
  • Nokia Stylus SU-36 (selected markets only)
  • Quick start guide


  • sanket

    i cant figure out the speaker,where is it ??

    • edward

      can’t see it either but is supposed to be very powerful, more than the N800’s speakers

  • sanket

    hey thanks edward for ur reply,,,,,,,,

  • sanket

    when will it be available in market for sale and at wht price ??

  • mobilowner

    the price will be 370-490 euros no information aboat dollars

  • Alexander

    it seems to be finished, maybe software problems, but those are supposed to be fixed in a short time, i can’t wait to buy it

  • almus

    its written on his box. n8-00\32gb
    is it internal 32gb??? and thats great..

  • namit

    the speakers are next to the camera….they r sorta below it so they aren’t visible here