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Lets Not Forget The Nokia 5800 has TV-OUT! Comparison With N85

Since the release of the Nokia N93, the TV-OUT has been a standard feature on Nseries devices. From the N95 to the latest N97 and N86, they all have a TV-OUT with an AV cable bundled on the box. With this feature you can do a lot of stuff, from browsing the web right on your TV, to sharing pictures and videos you took with your device to family and friends, and really, your imagination is the limit, you could maybe connect your device to a small TV in your car or do a presentation using  Quickoffice and a projector.


When I first read the specification sheet of the Nokia 5800, and noticed that the resolution of its screen was very superior to the standard 240×320 of all its predecessors like N82, N96 etc… First thing I thought was that maybe the TV-OUT resolution was going to be higher than the output resolution of the predecessors. But let me explain, the 240×320 Nokias output @240×320, but the gallery is outputted to a higher resolution although I am not sure exactly the number. Anyway, what I thought is that maybe the Nokia 5800 would produce a nicer picture on my TV to browse the web, which is the main use I give to the featureI had completely forgotten about it, until today that I remember while browsing the settings of the 5800 and found the TV-OUT settings. I immediately wanted to see the difference compared to the Nokia N85 which was just laying in my desk, so I connected both devices, loaded some pictures and started to compare the image each one produced on my TV.

First I compared the ”system”, not the gallery, I compared the browser and how it looked in the N85 and 5800. I was amazed to see that the quality of the image on the TV was….. almost the same! Then I compared the menu and it gave the same result, and images too! My conclusion by just looking at the TV is that both the Nokia 5800 and the N85 produced the same result, when I saw the pictures I had taken I just got completely convinced.



I really thought that the 5800 would output a superior resolution to the TV because the resolution of the device itself is greater, but seems it does not work that way. I wanted to confirm my observations with s specification sheet but was not able to find that little detail in any database. So the conclusion? The 5800 outputs just the same resolution as previous devices with 240×320 resolution screen, the resolution of the screen does not make a difference!  So, enjoy the images! The TV-OUT is still an impressive feature on Nokia devices!

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  • http://antoinerjwright.com ARJWright

    That’s an interesting observation because when I go TV-Out with my 5800, I get a totally widescreen view that looks greater than the 320×240 that my N95 does. I wish that it were easier to tell the exact output resolution, but it seems a lot crisper than my older model.

    • edward

      Of course, the 5800 is a widescreen phone, you can see it on the pictures I took from this blog. But the resolution of the images was just the same! As with the pictures, which by the way did not output widescreen from the 5800, unfortunately, Nokia does not give much info on the TV OUT of each device, or at least I cant find any.

  • http://www.controlzetaradio.com.ar Ricardo

    Hmmm, I think they both output PAL/NTSC quality signals… so a higher screen resolution won’t make any difference in a regular TV (they all have the same resolution).
    Still: did you test any videos? Do they look good?

    • edward

      Videos looked the same, is the same as the pictures. But my TV is HD, so if the 5800 outputted at a higher resolution, it would look different.

  • http://usmobileindustry.com matthew bennett

    I was under the impression that the N95 output at 640 x 480, even though the screen resolution is only 240 x 320. I assumed this was also true of the newer phones, as it sounds like you’ve proven here.

    Good TV Out demo.

    • edward

      I have heard, although I am not sure if its true or not, that all Nokia devices output @ 240×320, but the gallery including videos and pictures output @VGA. Either way, both 5800 and N85 output same resolution, the only device that outputs higher is the Omnia HD, although it is not a Nokia device :(

  • Muhammad Yousaf

    I have N85. And i believe it is by far the best phone currently in the market. But N86 will definetily beat n85.

    • edward

      I have learned there is no ”best phone”, there is best phone for you in particular according to your needs. For me the best Nokia is the 5800, then the N97. The N86 is not at all a great device for me, but yeah, the N86 does beat the N85 in all aspects although it does not beat the N97 or 5800 in others, still is the cameraphone king.

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  • Dharmesh

    NO TV OUT Any more on Nokia 5800 XM….Y nokia u did that….Really a great feature that avoided to buy that one. Worst,,,,,,,

  • kero

    Comment Komentar
    can you tell me how to using nokia 5800 tv out?

  • Muhammad Waseem

    I am using the TV iut feature on my Nokia 6720 Classic to watch movies on TV using core player to play the DVDRip movies. Its really great experience.